Nitric Oxide Foot Cleanser

The Nitric Oxide foot cleanser is available in the US as NOWONDER Foot Cleanser intended as part of a care regimen for plantar warts and other conditions.  This daily cleanser is provided to patients by physicians as part of their recommended foot care program.  The Foot Cleanser may also be used before or after cryotherapy or other ablative procedures, and a cleanser may be of help along with salicylic acid or other daily at home care.

The Nitric Oxide foot cleanser is not yet available in Canada.

Nitric Oxide Gel Cleanser for Nails and Skin

We are developing a new cleanser with the potential to be used as part of a wellness and care regimen for infected nails or infected skin.  This product may have the potential to improve care for patients with onychomycosis, or nail fungus infections, or for a range of infected skin conditions.  The product is in development and is currently not available commercially in any countries.

Future Products

We are developing future cleansers and wellness products that are intended to help customers with their daily skin care regimen particularly for areas that may experience various conditions.  We expect these products to be introduced in the US in 2025 and 2026.

Some of the products discussed on the pages of this website may not be approved in Canada or the United States, and some claims made regarding certain products may not have been reviewed by the regulatory authorities in each country.