Nitric Oxide (“NO”), a nanomolecule produced by many cells in our body, is involved in many important physiological processes such as cardiovascular health and immune response.  For over two decades, the medical community has used gaseous NO, delivered via large gas cylinders in conjunction with a ventilator, to treat respiratory failure in premature babies.

Over the last two decades, NO was also shown to be a highly effective antimicrobial agent. It has been shown to kill viruses, bacterial and fungi. However, delivering gaseous NO via cylinders is impractical when addressing many infectious diseases, especially those that are topical.

SaNOtize’s key innovation is development of a proprietary liquid formulation that releases NO gas in therapeutic concentrations.  This patented formulation is referred to as Nitric Oxide Releasing Solution or NORSTM. The liquid formulation of NORS is a practical NO delivery platform that can also be adapted to create nitric-oxide releasing gels or creams, while controlling the dose of NO gas that is released.

NORSTM is a first-in-class, topical antimicrobial agent, that can address a broad spectrum of infectious pathogens using a convenient delivery mechanism.  As a non-antibiotic antimicrobial that is effective against bacterium, viruses and fungi, NORSTM will allow antibiotic therapies to be reserved for more severe infections.  By using antibiotics less frequently, SaNOtize hopes its products will slow the development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), reduce transmission of respiratory infections and provide equitable access globally.

Strong Patent Portfolio

  • SaNOtize maintains an assertive patent development strategy focused on expanding the portfolio and therapeutic opportunities
  • Foundational NORSTM  patents issued
  • Portfolio has weathered the rigor of FTO/defensibility as well as independent investors & partner due diligence
  • Portfolio includes prosecution of patents specifically expanding on the formulation, delivery methods and methods for dose verification
  • SaNOtize possesses many years of “know how”, developed by using our formulations and verifying effective doses
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