The Company

SaNOtize, based in Vancouver, Canada, is developing and commercializing products that deliver the natural antimicrobial properties of nitric oxide (NO) for use in common viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.

SaNOtize was co-founded in 2017 by Gilly Regev, PhD, a biochemist, and Chris Miller, PhD, a longtime leader in the NO field. Together they developed a novel delivery system for NO, enabling it to be used for the first time as a topical antimicrobial.


During the Covid pandemic, SaNOtize developed its first product, a NO-based nasal spray, shown to be effective against intra-nasal viruses including COVID-19.  The nasal spray is registered or approved in more than 20 countries worldwide. Its groundbreaking approval in India marked the first-ever regulatory drug approval of a NO-releasing product to treat an infection. In some markets, the nasal spray may be available as a wellness product without treatment or prevention claims, and in some markets the product may have anti-viral treatment or prevention claims.

SaNOtize is also developing a line of topical products for application to skin or nail infections.  These products include cleansers for use by consumers with warts, nail fungus, athlete’s foot, and more.  Each of the products may be marketed as a cleanser, wellness product, or in certain countries as a treatment.

SaNOtize is fortunate to be guided by a Board of Directors and a Scientific Advisory Board of recognized global scientific and business leaders.

NO has the potential to save lives and improve the quality of life for hundreds of millions of people.

Some of the products discussed on the pages of this website may not be approved in Canada or the United States, and some claims made regarding certain products may not have been reviewed by the regulatory authorities in each country.