The advantage of SaNOtize’s nasal spray over others

“Nasal sprays may yet be a promising weapon against Covid:

Clinical trials of a nasal spray called Sanotize in the UK also look promising for use in people already infected with Covid. The spray, which is not yet available to purchase, could prevent the transmission of Covid, shorten its course and reduce the severity of symptoms in those already infected – according to strong phase two trial results.

Pankaj Sharma, Professor of neurology and director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Research at Royal Holloway, University of London, explains that the spray works by delivering nitric oxide into the nasal cavity, where the virus incubates when it first enters our bodies.

Nitric oxide has been shown to inactivate the Covid virus by disrupting its structural integrity. Our bodies produce nitric oxide naturally and it helps with important bodily functions such as widening the blood vessels to allow for blood flow. “