Our Solution

Utilizing the unique antimicrobial and immunomodulating properties of Nitric Oxide to treat diseases of the respiratory system and the skin.

Our Products

NORS, our platform technology, can treat a variety of topical infections. From sinusitis via nasal lavage and the flu via nasal spray, to acne via topical gel.

An update on COVID-19

SaNOtize is working diligently with Health Canada and the FDA to obtain approval for the emergency release of a preventative treatment for healthcare workers and high risk individuals exposed to SARS-CoV-2.

Our Team

Dr. Gilly Regev, PhD and Dr. Chris Miller, PhD, BA, RT are co-founders of SaNOtize.  Dr. Regev and Dr. Miller are among a small group of people who are experts at using nitric oxide therapeutically.   The SaNOtize leadership team is complemented by a number of talented researchers, scientists and accomplished entrepreneurs, and is advised by a distinguished board of directors.

The Latest News

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